Lunar New Year Shopping Trip to Batam

  • Post published:28 March 2023

Ushering in 2023 and preparing for the festivities of Lunar New Year, SMOU organised a shopping trip to the Batam, Indonesia on 7 January 2023. The annual trip, which was put on a 2-year hiatus across 2021 and 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, returned this year, bringing SMOU members back to good bargains for new year goodies.

A total of 140 excited members and their family joined in on the trip, where they visited five locations on the Indonesian island. Participants were brought to a variety of stores including the wet market, a Kueh Lapis factory, a factory outlet mall, and a local dry goods shop. Members searched the shelves and aisle for a good deal, and many left the shops with shopping bags in their hands and smiles on their faces.

To re-energise from the morning of intense deal-hunting, members were treated with a lunch spread at a seafood restaurant. Allex Ang, a seafaring member who was present told SeaVoices that the lunch was his highlight of the trip, saying “the food was good and it was really nice interacting with people at our table.” He thanked SMOU for planning the well-organised trip, commending on the “well thought of” itinerary.

After enjoying the delicious seafood, everyone was ready to finish their shopping day strong with an afternoon at the Grand Batam Mall. Mr Francis Oo, who went on the trip with his children, said that it was his first time to Batam and the party enjoyed travelling from point to point and enjoying the scenery. “My favourite part was the foot reflexology session that the tour guide recommended, and I look forward to more family events to be organised in the future!” he gushed.

It was a fruitful shopping trip for all, gearing up for the big Lunar New Year festivities that were coming up at the end of the month.

The trip was enjoyable, and my favourite part of the day was the lunch. The food was good and it was really nice interacting with fellow SMOU members at our table. Thanks SMOU for organising the trip and well-thought through itinerary. 

Allex Ang, SMOU Member of 6 years

My children and I enjoyed the bus trips, looking at the scenery that they have never seen before. For me, I particularly enjoyed the foot reflexology session that the tour guide recommended. Thank you SMOU for organising such trips, and I look forward to more family events in the future.” 

Francis Oo, SMOU Member of 2 years

My wife and I enjoyed the shopping trip very much as this was her first time to Batam and I have not been there in a long time. The seafood lunch and massage were the best part of the trip for us, and we look forward to be able to join such trips in the future

Saiful Muhammad Haziq, SMOU Member of 9 years