Members Learn to Stay Safe and Secure Online

  • Post published:7 August 2023

Every year, thousands of consumers fall victim to cybercrime in Singapore. According to figures released by Singapore Police Force, almost $1.3 billion was lost to scams in the past two years. It was reported that in 2022, there were a total of 31,728 scam cases. All these scam reports can make the internet feel like a dangerous place.

The good news is that by taking a few small handful of security measures, we can greatly reduce our exposure to cybercrime and stay safe online.

On 27 June, SMOU members learned how to safeguard their online security through Staying Safe Online: Identifying Scams workshop. Some 27 members heard from cybersecurity expert about cybercrime, focusing on the most common of them ie phishing and scam.

In the 2 hour workshop, members were educated on the many types of scam – phishing, job, e-commerce, investment, property, fake friend call, social media impersonation, loan, internet love, government official impersonation, credit for sex.

They were taught how to spot scams and the tactics scammers use to trick people into giving away money, personal details or data. More than just knowledge, members were given cybersecurity tips on how to minimise exposure to cybercrime and what security measures to take in their computer and mobile devices. The trainer also gave members an understanding on Singapore Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA).

An avid learner of SMOU workshops, Mr Alex Chow Nam Fatt (10 years SMOU member) appreciated the way the workshop was delivered.

“Activities were useful as it gave us a play-by-play on the scenarios that have made others fall victim to scammers. Trainer was interactive and his examples were easy to understand.”

Not her first time attending SMOU workshops, Ms Wee Lok Kim (15 years SMOU member) was grateful for the many take away lessons.

“The workshop was informative as I learnt how to identify scams and the trainer was engaging and patient with our questions as well.”

Mr Tan Chor Hiong, signed up for the workshop together with his wife. The SMOU member of 39 years, confessed that he didn’t realise the importance of creating a good strong password until he attended the talk. He said, “The trainer was good and was able to present examples that I could understand.”

He highlighted the need for older folks to be aware of the modus operandi of scams so that they can protect themselves from such cybercrimes.