Senior Citizens Captivated by Chiang Mai

  • Post published:26 October 2023

Chiang Mai, the land of misty mountains, colourful hill tribes, elaborate temples and deep cultural heritage was the destination of choice for the SMOU Senior Citizens Trip.

From 3 to 6 Oct 2023, 49 SMOU members and their families expanded their horizons as they took a trip to the captivating city of Chiang Mai, nestled in the scenic mountains of Northern Thailand.

SMOU members lodged at dusitD2 for three nights, and were happy to know that their hotel was located right where all the action is, just off the famous Chang Klan Road, amidst the vibrant night bazaar, restaurants and hot spots.

On the first day, members had their first taste of Thai culture at the Khum Khantoke Restaurant, where they had a welcome meal of authentic Thai while being entertained by a cultural show celebrating the dancing styles from every part of the country.

The following day saw the entourage heading out to visit a small village called Mae Kampong. The visitors made a stop at a quaint café, located at a good vantage point to look down and take pictures of the beautiful panoramic landscape of Mae Kampong Village.

Members visited San Kamphaeng Hot Springs, where there are two hot springs set against a picturesque nature park. After much walking, members sat on the edge of the hot spring and soaked their tired feet in the warm water, while chatting with one another.

At the village of Ban Ton Pao, members were fascinated with the art of making Mulberry paper and even had a hand in creating their own paper bags.

The members ended their excursion with a sumptuous meal in a forest-themed restaurant. Described as an imaginary jungle, Khaomao-Khaofang restaurant in Chiang Mai offered diners a unique experience of “dining in the rainforest” with its graceful waterfalls and a variety of blooming flowers and greenery.

The Chiang Mai trip was filled with an itinerary that had many moments of relaxing activities. Members enjoyed their trip and are enquiring about the next one.