SMOU commended for faithfully dispensing over $1.6m worth of Study Awards

  • Post published:21 November 2022

Nur Syafiqah Binte Abdul Aleem was in primary school when she first received the SMOU bursary award in 2012.

Syafiqah, the youngest of 6 children of SMOU member Mr Abdul Aleem Bin Mohamed Ghouse, is presently pursuing a degree in the University, and “SMOU is proud to have been able to be a part of her education journey,” highlighted Mr Desmond Tan, NTUC Deputy Secretary-General, at the SMOU Bursary & Scholarship Awards presentation at NTUC Downtown East on 10 September 2022.

Citing his own example, Mr Tan recalled how he, together with his 3 siblings, was a beneficiary of bursary awards presented by NTUC Comfort, then a co-operative of the labour movement. “My father was an NTUC Comfort driver and as his children, we would get bursary awards,” he said.

Mr Tan went on to commend SMOU for presenting the Bursary and Scholarship awards since 1982; making this year, its’ 40th edition of the awards. More than 3,500 awards have been given out to children of SMOU members, amounting to over $1.6 million.

This year, 27 awardees received 44 awards worth $21,700. The Primary to University students received bursary awards ranging from $200 to $950 as well as a $100 Popular bookstore voucher.

Scholarship awards of $500 to $1000 were presented to PSLE up till International Baccalaureate students. The scholarships were fully sponsored by SMOU while the bursary awards were jointly funded with NTUC U Care Education Co-Funding scheme.

SMOU also rolled out assistance programmes such as the Wavelink Book Awards, which are sponsored by Wavelink Co-Operative. This year, 19 students, who have achieved good academic results received the Wavelink Book Awards, which also acts as a form of encouragement for them to keep working hard. To date, over 400 awards have been given out, amounting to about $120,000 in value.

In 2017, the SMOU Executive Committee approved the “Bursary Assistance for Deceased Members’ Children” category which is covered under the SMOU Care Fund. A total of 13 recipients have received $6,150 worth of bursaries.

More than celebrating the scholarship and bursary presentation, Mr Tan pointed out that the event also honoured the adaptability and resilience of seafarers who have to ride through the waves of disruption and hardship caused by the unprecedented global COVID-19 pandemic.

Highlights of the event included a parenting talk by Focus on the Family Singapore and a workshop on creating unique handcrafted tote bag which the children presented to their parents.

To all the award recipients, well done and keep up the good work. And if ever anyone of them wants to take on a sea career when they grow up, “remember, there is always a place for you in Singapore’s Maritime Industry,” quipped Mr Dominic Yong, Chairman of Young SMOU.

“I have been a SMOU member for more than 30 years. Though I am no longer sailing as a marine radio office, I kept my membership  and support SMOU all the way. During the pandemic, when things are tough, SMOU showed they care in many ways. I am thankful for the award for my son.”

– Mr Eric Tan Boon Kuan, father of 11 year old Beal.

“This award gives my son encouragement. It sends him the message that he can achieve when he puts his mind into his studies.”

– Mrs Tan, mother of Beal.

“My daughter initially didn’t want to apply for the award thinking that she wouldn’t make the list. She learned a good lesson about trying and not giving up.” Mother of Tan Ying Xuan who receives the SMOU scholarship and Wavelink Book Award

“I am going to save the money and earn interest.”

Ying Xuan will be following her mum’s foot step and be an accountant in the future. Father is Mr Tan Kah Choon who has been a SMOU member for 14 years.