SMOU Family Connection Moves Onward as One

  • Post published:2 October 2023

National Day has a special place in the heart of every Singaporean.

While some may have taken the weekend before National Day to fulfil their wanderlust, SMOU members and their families chose to stay homeland to celebrate Singapore’s 58th birthday at the SMOU Family Connection on 29 July 2023.

Some 387 members and their families turned up for an evening of National Day celebration at the Fairmont’s Asian Market Café and The Clove. The venue was chosen because of its proximity to the Padang, where the National Day Parade (NDP) Rehearsal was held, so that members could catch part of the action and the fireworks display.

Members were treated to an array of well-loved local and international cuisine that pays tribute to the diversity of flavour and cultures all over the world.

While eating was the main highlight, there were fringe activities happening.

A roving band created a carnival atmosphere with their range of different styles of music. The lively entertainment put a smile on everybody’s faces. There was also a roving balloon sculptor who was able to captivate both children and adults with a wide range of designs such as dogs, flowers, hearts and create any object upon request. Members were excited to have their own personalised leather key chain custom made on the spot.

As SMOU families and friends spent time together, deep connections and ties were forged.

To top it all, members were able to enjoy the light, colour and sound of pyrotechnics happening at the Marina Bay, from Fairmont. The spectacular fireworks from the NDP Rehearsal really amped up the atmosphere.

With “Onward As One” as this year’s ND theme, this is a call for the SMOU family to forge onward as one united people.