SMOU Forms CTC with PCL in Support of Workplace Transformation

  • Post published:20 June 2022

SMOU has been actively reaching out to shipping companies to form Company Training Committees (CTCs) so as to support workers in attaining new skills and better career prospects through company training. Recent efforts include the conference that SMOU organised during the Singapore Maritime Week, which saw the explanation of the use of the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) as a tool to better facilitate business strategies and workforce plans for companies within the CTCs.

From left to right – Fleet Director Captain Chee Seong Lee, PCL Managing Director & CEO Mr Hor Weng Yew, SMOU General Secretary Ms Mary Liew and Assistant General Secretary Mr Larry Gwee Guo Duan

On 24 May 2022, SMOU formed a CTC with shipping company Pacific Carriers Limited (PCL). The formation of the CTC was inked with the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between SMOU General Secretary, Ms Mary Liew and PCL Managing Director and CEO, Mr Hor Weng Yew. Present at the signing were also SMOU, PCL and NTUC representatives.

Through a collective effort, the CTC which comprises PCL’s management, SMOU and NTUC looks to support workforce transformation and increase productivity and operational efficiency through the adoption of new technology and training methods.

Moving forward, SMOU looks forward to partner with more shipping companies in this, to arrive at a win-win situation for companies, so that business value is increased, and workers enjoy better wages, welfare and work prospects.