Strengthening Cooperation with NCSU

  • Post published:11 October 2023

SMOU welcomed Taiwanese delegation led by National Chinese Seamen’s Union (NCSU) President Mr Chang Lieh-Jong and General Secretary Ms Hwang Hung-Chyi, on 29-30 August 2023. The six-member group comprising representatives from NCSU, Evergreen Marine Corp (Taiwan) Ltd and National Kaohsiung University of Science and Technology (NKUST), were in Singapore to look at training collaborations and opportunities for its Taiwanese seafarers.

A bilateral exchange between SMOU and NCSU took place at SMOU’s office on 29 August 2023, where NCSU officials shared about their work and current challenges the union faces with regards to Taiwanese seafarers. In view of new technology arising in the maritime industry to better sustainability and increase efficiency, a concern that NCSU has is to ensure that their seafarers onboard Singapore flagged vessels are well-equipped with the relevant training. Discussions went headway on how SMOU and SOS can strengthen cooperation with NCSU on the training and support of seafaring members.

The next day, the Taiwanese delegation visited Wavelink Maritime Institute (WMI). During their tour of WMI on 30 August, the visitors listened with rapt interest as they were were briefed on the role Wavelink Maritime Simulation Centre (WMSC) plays in enhancing WMI’s training of seafaring cadets and officers. The Taiwanese delegation were impressed by the state-of-the-art maritime simulator capabilities, WMI’s training facilities and the various training programmes offered by WMI’s excellent team of teaching faculty.