Submit your SPF Withdrawal Application Before 1st December 2021!

  • Post published:30 July 2020

The last date of submission is now extended to 1st December 2021.

Submission Requirements

The following supporting documentations are required for SPF withdrawal:


Duly completed Withdrawal Form (can be downloaded from


Copy of NRIC/Passport (both old and new ones)


Copy of Seaman Handbook(s) / CDC


Copy of the Bank Book/Statement, indicating the name of the bank, member’s name and member’s bank account number


Indicate mode of payment as:-
Telegraphic Transfer” for members who are based overseas. (*Note: bank charges apply).
Please provide the “Swift Code” of the overseas (beneficiary) bank account.


Direct Funds Transfer” to a Local (Singapore-based) Bank Account. (*Note: bank charges may apply)


Provide additional documents like Death, Birth and/or Marriage Certificate if payout is in the name of the nominee/beneficiary.

Additional information

1. Charges for Remittance Transfer will be imposed by the bank and offset from the payout money.

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Submission channels

The duly completed Withdrawal Form and all the relevant documentation may be submitted via the available channels:

@Email : [email protected]

✉Post   : Wavelink Thrift Pte Ltd ,75 Jellicoe Road #02-01, Wavelink Building, Singapore 208738

Contact Details

SPF Administrator may be contacted via Email: [email protected] or Telephone: +65 6390 1661.