Year-End Drone Deliveries to Singapore Anchorage

  • Post published:16 March 2023

Digitalisation and adoption of new technologies have been accelerated during the past few years of the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from hosting a celebration at the Jurong Port, SMOU had to innovate to reach out to vessels at the Singapore anchorage.

Especially since it was the Christmas season, many ships were arriving at the anchorage of Singapore, delivering goods from food to shopping purchases from all over the world, keeping the supply chain moving.

With restrictions still in place for visitation of ships at the anchorage by personnel on shore, SMOU partnered Skyports to utilise drone technology to deliver festive goodies, local delicacies, and other gifts to ships at the Singapore anchorage.

WhatsApp Image 2022-12-15 at 5.25.25 PM

The drone deliveries, which were set off from the Maritime Drone Estate, was a great way to care and share with this group of seafarers, while keeping safe. Items delivered include food, snacks and reading materials. This was the first time that SMOU has ever arranged for such a delivery, and it was eye-opening for the seafarers who were also witnessing it for the first time. 

Technological innovation has enabled SMOU to do more and reach out to seafarers, and the Union will continue to look out for more ways to engage seafarers through this.