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12 Nov 2020
4 mins
Learning and Appreciation at the SMOU Bursary and Scholarship Awards Presentation 2020

SMOU hosted its Annual Bursary and Scholarship Awards Presentation for its members on the 10 October 2020. “We believe that education is important in benefiting not just the individual, but their families and our nation, by unlocking opportunities for employment and to contribute meaningfully back to society. As such, SMOU without fail, has continued to present these awards to our members’ children since 1982,” said SMOU General Secretary Mary Liew at the opening address of the awards presentation. The awards presentation took on a virtual setting this year to conform to national measures put in place in response to the ongoing pandemic.

Ms Mary Liew also highlighted the contribution of seafarers during this period of the pandemic, thanking them for being the key essential workers of the Maritime Industry, transporting vital goods and keeping the global supply chain moving. In the same vein, she encouraged the young recipients to follow the footsteps of their parents and to consider taking on a maritime career where good jobs are available and opportunities abound. Finally in closing, Ms Mary Liew thanked members of the selection committee – Mr Tan Hung Tat, Mr Cheah Aun Aun, Captain Mohd Salleh, and Mr Chan Joo Huat – and the organising committee for making the event possible.

To reward and encourage students in their academics, SMOU presented 26 Bursary and Scholarship awards, and 25 Wavelink book awards amounting to a total of $22,050. Members tuned in from their homes with their children dressed in school uniforms as they usually would at the physical awards presentation. As the recipients’ names flashed on the screen, the emcee congratulated the families while parents’ faces beamed with pride and gratefulness.

Lim Zhi Zenn, who is the daughter of Lim Boon Pin, SMOU member of 21 years, received the Scholarship award and Wavelink Book award for the first time this year.  She expressed her joy and gratefulness saying, “I feel more encouraged to continue to strive for better results because the scholarship rewarded me for the year-long effort that I have put in for my academic achievements.”

To provide a full experience of the awards presentation, SMOU arranged for activities and meals to be delivered to members’ homes.  The terrarium workshop led by NTUC U Live guided the participants and their families step by step in building their very own terrarium with the kit provided.

The workshop aligned with the lifelong learning spirit of the event as everyone, child and adult, took away a new skill with them.

Cupcakes were also delivered to each family where children were encouraged to use their creativity to design and present them to their parents in appreciation of their love and support.

Despite the virtual nature of the event, the morning was filled with learning and appreciation, and students were definitely spurred to strive for greater heights in their journey of education. We would like to extend our thanks to NTUC U Care for co-funding the Bursary awards through the Education Co-Funding Scheme.

As we tide through this period of uncertainty, let us continue to adopt the value of lifelong learning and equip ourselves for the industries and economy of the future!

“I had the opportunity to build a terrarium with my parents, as well as make cupcakes with the ingredients sent over to our doorstep by SMOU. It has been a long time since we did something like that together, and this has been a really good opportunity for a hands-on activity together again” – See Yong Xin

SMOU member of 18 years, See Hong Soo, with wife and son, See Yong Xin participating in the virtual Terrarium activity.

“SMOU has been a great help to our family development. Because of their generosity in the support of education, we are able to focus on the health of our children during this difficult time of Covid-19 Pandemic.” – Fooard Zosopari, SMOU Member of 32 years

The Fooard family and their Terrariums.