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06 Jul 2022
2 mins
Learning to Eat Healthy to Improve Well-Being

On 26th May 2022, SMOU invited speaker Ms Jenny Goh, a certified senior nutritionist at Fitness and Health International Pte Ltd, to conduct a Nutrition talk for members so that they can learn more about how to eat well for better immunity. Close to 20 members attended the workshop which took place virtually on the Zoom platform.

Ms Jenny brought participants through the basics of maintaining body health by sharing with them the importance of different types of vitamins and the various foods from which they can derive these vitamins from. Simple and healthy meal recipes were also shared with members so that they can eat well for better health. She also stressed to members, the importance of the principle of “eating in moderation”.

The talk ended off with a Question and Answer (Q&A) segment for members to raise any health-related queries or concerns that they might have, and have them answered by Ms Jenny.

“My wife and I cook frequent meals at home and attending this talk has increased our knowledge on food, vitamins and our body. We even picked up some healthy recipes to cook! Thank you SMOU for organising this talk,” said Mr Sunil, SMOU member of 10 years.

“Attending this nutrition talk was a nice first experience for me as it was very interesting and informative. I learned what I should do to lead a healthy lifestyle and even discovered the different ways to cook healthy. I hope to attend more of these talks by SMOU in future!” said Mdm Tan, SMOU member of 6 years.