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05 Jun 2023
2 mins
Let’s Golf for It

Golf can seem complicated to the uninitiated. There are the rules, the different kinds of clubs, and the lingos used such as birdies, bogeys. That is why Young SMOU (YSMOU) organised a golf experiential session for the youth members, as a way of introducing the sport in a most fun and friendly environment – indoors!

Over 20 YSMOU prospective golfers gathered at the indoor golf facility centre located at SAFRA Mount Faber to learn the basics of golf on 3 May 2023.

With the guidance of experienced coaches, the participants were guided through and were able to experience realistic gameplay through the simulators. The lesson teed-off with some tips on golf clubs, standing position and swinging techniques. The group was then divided into smaller teams, where they learnt how to execute different shots such as putting, chipping, half and full swing.

As the activity progressed, participants who had some knowledge and experience in golf showed support to those who were struggling with their swing.  The golf session became more than just learning golf, but opened up the ‘fairway’ to forge new friendships, and to catch up with old friends through exchanging career advices. All these build a stronger rapport amongst fellow seafarers.

The session was experiential in every way and a good chance to try out golfing for the first time. We say, let’s golf for it!

 “The event was fun and interactive. I got to expand my network, and learn more about golf. I hope that I can learn how to spin my ball the next time. Looking forward to the next YSMOU event!”

– Raphael Tay, 3rd Engineer

“This is my first time trying golf actually – I used to play basketball when I was younger, and it was really great being able to learn a new sport. The instructors were really patient and I would definitely want to golf again! Thank you YSMOU for organising this!” 

– Tan Fu Wei, 2nd Officer