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12 Jun 2020
2 mins
Lighthouse Bistro: Goodness in a Hot Meal for Workers

Businesses have been faced with many kinds of challenges since the COVID-19 situation began, and food and beverage establishments are relying more on delivery to reach customers. As many continue to adjust to the changes brought about by the virus, Lighthouse Bistro saw the opportunity to be a blessing to groups of workers that are either at the forefront of the fight against the virus, or have been affected by the pandemic.

The bistro staff has been using their kitchen to do good by preparing and delivering over 3000 bento sets to these groups of people as a gesture of appreciation for their contribution during this period of time. All hands were on deck for this initiative as the cooked food are carefully packed into individual bento boxes before sending them to the receiving parties.

On the receiving end of the bento boxes were SMOU and NTUC volunteers, and members of the Healthcare Services Employees’ Union (HSEU). Among the HSEU member recipients were healthcare workers from various healthcare facilities who are battling COVID-19 at the forefront. Young seafaring SMOU members returning from signing off ships were also extended bento meals while they served their stay-home notices. During this season, the bistro has played its little part to provide encouragement to those that have been impacted by the situation. Lighthouse Bistro will continue to deliver food to some volunteers and our seafaring members, while remaining open for the public to place orders from their delicious menu items.