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09 Apr 2024
1 min
Lunar New Year Golf League an Unforgettable Experience

The highly favoured annual Lunar New Year Golf League, swung off into golf action on 21 February 2024, with more than 70 members showcasing their skills at the Orchid Country Club. The game started off with good and breezy weather. However, as the game progressed, the atmosphere shifted in the late afternoon. Due to the inclement weather, the game had to be suspended and eventually, couldn’t be resumed.

Despite the weather disrupting the game, the golfers’ spirits remained high. They returned from the course to enjoy a festive Lo Hei with buffet dinner and drinks. A delightful conclusion to the golf league saw the results tabulated based on the first 9 holes played, with novelty prizes converted to a Special Draw, offering more chances for everyone to win. Prizes were awarded to the top three tournament players and lucky draw winners.

It was clear that all the golfers had a great time at the LNY Golf League whether the weather was great or not. These golfers go for the love of the game, the companionship of their golf kakis, great food and goodies. And that’s what makes every golf league an unforgettable experience.