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28 Mar 2022
3 mins
Lunar New Year Home Visits to SMOU Senior Members
Phua Cheng Poh, SMOU member of 39 years

In February 2022, SMOU officials took the Lunar New Year occasion to pay 15 SMOU senior members a visit at their homes.

SMOU Officials President Mr Rahim Jaffar, General Secretary Ms Mary Liew, Assistant General Secretary Mr Gwee Guo Duan, Chairman of Young SMOU Mr Dominic Yong, Secretary Mr Terence Tan, Membership Committee Chairman Mr Tan Hung Tat, and Exco Members Mr Haji Nahrawi, Mr Ismail Bin Ahamad, and Mr Thaniarasu Sannasi visited the homes of senior members and their families. Due to mobility challenges and to help members keep safe, SMOU instead brought the Hong Bao and gifts to the senior members at their residences.

Chang Naip Heng (on the right), SMOU member of 26 years
Ho Ngiap Bah (middle), SMOU member of 38 years
Tengku Mochammad Echman (on the left), SMOU member of 25 years
Mohamed Bashir Bin Mohamed Ali (middle), SMOU member of 40 years
Tim Hiok Ling (middle), SMOU member of 34 years
Peter Kuo Chun Horng (on the left), SMOU member of 26 years

Senior members were very grateful to SMOU for this personal touch of arranging a home visit with them during the Lunar New Year period. One member also commended the Union for helping him previously, when he encountered some difficulty with his salary.

Mr Tengku Mochammad Echman, SMOU member of 25 years said he misses the luncheon because Lighthouse Bistro was a place where seafarers could connect. He told SeaVoices he was really happy that SMOU still remembers him after all these years. He has been a seafarer for 35 years and reminisced his old times and the friendships he’s forged throughout the years. “Terima Kasih SMOU – Thank You SMOU”.

Mr Mohamed Bashir, SMOU Member of 40 years, shared that “SMOU treats us like family and takes good care of all of us members. The union also makes sure that members all stay connected and come to visit us very often, letting us know that they remember us and care for us”. It was a fruitful series of home visits as SMOU officials took this opportunity to catch up with senior members and spread some festive cheer to them, while adhering to safe management measures.

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Chia Wee Seok (on the right), SMOU member of 42 years
Derrick Arthur Joseph D’Souza (on the right), SMOU member of 34 years
Pang Chin Tong (middle), SMOU member of 40 years
Zainal Ngabidin (on the left), SMOU member of 49 years
Leong Seng Poo (on the left), SMOU member of 44 years
Mohamed Fajari Bin Hj Basri, SMOU member of 40 years