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11 Aug 2021
3 mins
Managing Everyday Stresses in Uncertain Times

COVID-19 has brought about many mental health issues, one of them being individuals experiencing loneliness and isolation. To help our members avoid and deal with such feelings, SMOU invited Mr Eugene Chong, Director / Principal Counselling Psychologist with Seeing Minds and also founding member and committee member for the Association of Psychotherapists and Counsellors Singapore (APACS) to share with our members how to manage such stresses when such obstacles arise.

He shared the science behind stress, its common causes, effects of stress on health, and lastly, the 4 A’s in stressful situation – Avoid the stressor, Alter the stressor, Adapt to the stressor, and Accepting the stressor. He asserted the importance of having a reliable support system, and shared personal anecdotes and what approaches he uses to deal with different situations.

Mr Chong closed the session with an interactive quiz on the online platform ‘Kahoot’ to help lighten the mood of the virtual workshop. He then opened up the floor to a short Q&A session to allow members to clarify their doubts. Finally, he introduced the mobile application “Mind Shift” that helps individuals cope with anxiety.

“I have been in many stressful situations in my life (school, work, etc.). I find it challenging to manage it at times. Hence, I thought why not listen from an expert’s perspective. It was an eye opener for me as it allowed me to break down and understand what I was actually going through. I thought it couldn’t be a better time for SMOU to have a stress management workshop, with everything that is going on right now. Managing our mental health is important.”

Jessy Chua, SMOU member of 3 years 

“Shipping is a taxing and demanding industry, so seafarers and people working in shore-based shipping offices go through great amounts of stress daily. Attending the stress management workshop provided me with techniques on how to cope with stress in this fast-paced industry. Stress management is now very actively being looked into within the shipping community, especially during this stressful period.”

Captain Rahul Kapur, SMOU member of 3 years

Interviewee - Rahul K (1)

“My favourite part was when Mr. Eugene Chong shared examples of cases encountered and provided his expert advice to his clients. The workshop is helpful as everyone must be aware that stress affects them one way or another in our demanding society; in work and daily life. Those affected should seek help from friends, colleagues and counselling.” 

Thomas Wan, SMOU member of 41 years

Available helplines should you need to speak to someone:

  • National Care: 1800-202-6868
  • Institute of Mental Health: 6389-2222
  • Samaritans Of Singapore: 1800-221-4444
  • Silver Ribbon Singapore: 6385-3714
  • TOUCHline: 1800-377-2252