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10 Dec 2020
2 mins
Marine Engineering Cadets are Ready for the High Seas!

Pursuing a career at sea as future Marine Engineers has been an aspiration for eight budding Singaporeans who embarked on their careers under the fifth cohort of the Tripartite Engineering Training Award (TETA) programme.

With the support of training berths offered by shipping partners – CMA Ships Singapore, PACC Ship Managers, Pacific International Lines and POSH Fleet Services, TETA cadets who started their 8-months of pre-sea training journey in March 2020 with Wavelink Maritime Institute (WMI) are now ready for the next phase of cadetship onboard commercial ships.

The graduating cadets were presented with their pre-sea certificates on 24 November by TETA Course Manager Mr Daniel Lim. He encouraged them to work hard and cherish the real-life learning opportunities as cadets onboard the various ships they would be deployed on.

Mr Lim emphasised the importance of safety, good discipline and sheer hard work as key elements to staying successful in the maritime career, offering them the best wishes from the Academic team at WMI.

The graduation concluded with Cohort 5 Class President, Engine Cadet Hykael Razmaniq encouraging his cohort mates, it has been an eventful eight months. At times, it felt like we were struggling to stay afloat, but we managed to weather the storm together. I am glad to journey together with you and my hope is that I will be able to study and work side by side with all of you again in Phase 3 and beyond.”