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18 Feb 2020
1 min
Maritime Cyber Security Awareness Programme

Wavelink Maritime Institute (WMI) has successfully launched a new 2-day Maritime Cyber Security Awareness Programme in collaboration with POSH Fleet Services Pte Ltd (POSH). This collaboration follows from the Company Training Committee (CTC) partnership that POSH formed with SMOU in September 2019.

The class of 18 POSH employees attended the inaugural run of the Maritime Cyber-Security Awareness training facilitated by WMI Lecturer Mr Liew Hong Lin. Participants were introduced to new maritime regulations pertaining to cyber-security, different operating systems on-board ships, protecting operational technology on-board during daily operations, recognising cyber-attacks and emphasis on shipboard roles towards cyber resilience.

WMI’s Maritime Cyber Security Awareness Programme targets both maritime shore professionals and seafarers. It is also available to the maritime companies to support workforce transformation.