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29 Jul 2019
2 mins
NTUC Women’s Committee Previews Sea Career

As part of the maritime industry learning journey, 40 NTUC women committee members visited Wavelink Maritime Institute (WMI) to learn more about the careers and the training available for Singaporeans.

The women committee members heard from WMI Senior Manager Wilfred Thiang, as he shared about how tripartite partners developed the Tripartite Nautical Training Award (TNTA) and Tripartite Engineering Training Award (TETA) initiatives, that offers Singaporeans the chance to pursue a career at sea. He shared how WMI uses a blend of classroom learning, e-learning and simulator-based training to ensure that all trainees are equipped with skills for work onboard ships. This experiential learning that trainees embark on in WMI ensures the good application of skills in real-life scenarios.

WMI Academic Lecturer Mr Hisham Amir provided an insight into the engine-room simulators at WMI and how e-learning platforms are deployed to help trainees grasp engineering concepts easily through visual co-relation between textbooks and manuals.

WMI TNTA Course Commandant Capt S K Menon took the women on voyages in the Full-Mission Bridge Simulator. This allowed them to experience what it was like navigating through Singapore’s busy waterways into the port, during emergency rescue scenarios and through rough seas.

Participants left WMI’s Centre of Excellence for Applied Learning with a deeper appreciation of the work of seafaring officers and the role WMI takes in developing them.