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25 Feb 2022
2 mins
Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License Course

SMOU is a fervent supporter of lifelong learning, undoubting that one should always look to learning a new skillset when an opportunity is present. Aligned with this attitude, SMOU organised a two-day “Powered Pleasure Craft Driving License Course” across 20-21 January 2022 and 22-23 January 2022 exclusively for SMOU members. The course provides members with the knowledge and necessary skills to prepare them for their examinations in order to obtain the license.

“I wanted to take up this course as I feel that the course would be something that is fun and refreshing for me to learn. The practical aspects of the course were exciting and challenging, and learning how to perform a rescue from the pleasure craft was definitely the most memorable part. The course imparted many useful information about navigating safely in Singapore waters, and the instructor was very helpful in pointing out the critical requirements for the examination” said Theidi Ko Ko, SMOU Member of 5 years.

 “Driving a pleasure craft is both interesting and enticing. During the practical session, we were given the opportunity to be hands on with the pleasure craft that was provided. This gave us the chance to apply what we haven’t learnt in the classroom. Although it is challenging, I felt a sense of achievement when I got used to the momentum of driving a boat.”

– Siti Ainul Nellisa Binte Mohamad, SMOU Member of 4 years.