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24 Jul 2019
2 mins
Running Man Challenge Hits Singapore

Young SMOU (YSMOU) has generated an exhilarating, new spin to team bonding by bringing the South Korean megahit game show, Running Man, to 25 youths from Tripartite Maritime Training Award (TMTA) and YSMOU.

To build camaraderie among the cadets, the teambuilding on 26 January had the participants performing fun and crazy antics and team building tasks.

The teams had to compete in quirky, interactive and surprisingly challenging activities as they moved from game stations around Clarke Quay. Through the missions, teams displayed leadership and strategic thinking skills. They also learnt about the importance of teamwork and communication among their team members in order to succeed.

As the game drew to a close, team members illustrated the strengths of their team and shared their most memorable experiences. While the Running Man game brought out the competitive spirit amongst the youth, it provided opportunity for interaction and bonding between TMTA cadets and YSMOU representatives.

After the team building, the youths proceeded for a networking lunch. The bonds forged among them through the time together is truly for a lifetime!


“It has been a long time since I last experienced such a fun event… feels almost like a throwback to high school. I learnt how to appreciate such moments in life since such experiences fade away with time and I enjoyed myself with my teammates.”

– Muhammed Adbullah, TETA Cohort 4.