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29 May 2020
2 mins
Safe Management at Workplaces Course for CBA Companies

As Singapore enters Phase 1 of the post-circuit breaker period from 2 June, more businesses and activities will be allowed to resume operations and many will have to follow a set of requirements on Safe Management Measures issued by the Tripartite Partners; the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), National Trade Union Congress (NTUC) and the Singapore National Employers Federation.

On 22 May, SMOU specially organised a half-day Safety Management Officer Training Programme for more than 30 Collective Bargaining Agreement companies via an online live streaming platform. The training programme was run by Ong Teng Cheong Labour Leadership Institute in partnership with NTUC Learning Hub and Singapore Institution of Safety Officers Academy to better equip union leaders, staff and management partners on the measures needed to be put in place when they resume operations post-circuit breaker.

The participants learned that one of the key requirements for companies is to appoint Safe Management Officer(s) to assist in the implementation, coordination and monitoring of safe management measures.

While companies are highly encouraged to adopt telecommuting where possible, those who are required to return to the workplace are required to abide by the nation-wide general guidelines for workplaces.

Many existing restrictions will continue in the first phase, which is expected to last at least four weeks. As further easing of measures will follow in Phase 2 and 3, companies must remain vigilant and make ongoing efforts to minimise the risk of community spread of COVID-19.

Be Ready, Stay Safe.

Together, we can overcome this!