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20 Jun 2023
3 mins
Setting Sail for Knowledge: Shipboard Learning Journey

The process in becoming a full-fledged marine engineer isn’t without its set of challenges. Having completed their cadetship phase in the last 23 months, the 7 engine cadets from the Tripartite Engineering Training Award (TETA Cohort 5) are currently back at Wavelink Maritime Institute (WMI) for their final phase to attain the CoC Class 5 Certificate.

On 26 – 29 March, Young SMOU (YSMOU) and WMI took the opportunity to bring the lessons onboard a cruise ship, as well as creating a platform for the cadets to reflect on their cadetship sailing experiences.

To spur up the lesson onboard, WMI Lecturer and former Marine Engineer Muhammad Hisham engaged the cadets in an interactive way, through a Monopoly-themed quiz, and the second lesson saw the cadets being given a group assignment to apply what they have learnt in the risk assessment lesson.

The group had the opportunity to visit the engine room for learning purposes and were introduced to various machines and functions as well. Cadets took the chance to ask the First Engineer on the machineries and systems onboard, which might be slightly different from the ships they had sailed on. The cadets also managed to tour the bridge where they were greeted by the Captain of the ship and learnt more about the operation procedures onboard a cruise ship.

It was not all lessons and tours, as platform for catching up and networking opportunities were arranged. YSMOU also organised a Fireside Chat for the cadets, together with the SMOU and WMI Officials. The session was helpful in having to hear out the cadets concerns and challenges. Besides sharing on their cadetship experiences, topics on mental wellness, future of shipping, shore opportunities and more were raised. The cadets were encouraged to persevere on and work towards attaining CoC 1, with the support from SMOU, WMI, government agencies and their companies.

From Left to Right (L-R): WMI Managing Director Teo Keong Kok, SMOU Emeritus General Secretary Thomas Tay, SMOU General Secretary Mary Liew, WMI Advisor Lim Tau Kok

Besides the Fireside Chat, a sharing session by 4th Engineer Siti Nellisa was arranged and it was a good opportunity for the cadets to enquire and get tips from her that may be helpful in preparation for their CoC Class 5 examination, as well as sailing as an officer in the near future. Having attained her CoC Class 5 and having sailed as a Marine Engineer Officer for over a year, Nellisa was able to share her fresh perspective which the current cadets are able to relate to. The informal sharing session allowed both the cadets and Nellisa to be more casual and candid with each other, which in turn helped to evoke a more open conversation and strengthened the bond among them.

The Shipboard Learning Journey was a great way for cadets, together with officials from SMOU and WMI to exchange ideas and create a platform to share individual sailing experiences and widen the cadet’s perspective of the seafaring and maritime industry.

All the best to our TETA Cohort 5, as you are on your way to attain your CoC!