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23 May 2022
1 min
Ship Classification Surveys & Port State Inspections in the Maritime Environment

One of the professional experiences that Ship Officers encounter during the course of their seafaring careers is the periodic class surveys and Port State Inspections.

It is therefore important for Ship Officers to know the necessary regulatory and statutory requirements for proper vessel preparation prior to surveys and inspections. 

Some 26 Ship Officers enrolled for Wavelink Maritime Institute’s (WMI) inaugural programme titled Ship Classification Surveys and Port State Inspections In the Maritime Industry on 18 & 19 May 2022.

Led by Mr Thomas Tan, the participants appreciated the knowledge shared about ship class and the system of statutory surveys, the distinctions between Class Surveys, Statutory Surveys and Port State Inspections, and keys to preparing the ship for onboard inspections, adherence to onboard procedures and the necessary follow-ups thereafter.

The participants enjoyed the programme and appreciated Mr Tan for sharing his anecdotes, knowledge and wealth of professional experiences.