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30 Jun 2021
1 min
Shipboard Mental Health: Counselling Fundamentals & Skills

Mental Health awareness and challenges have come to prominence for essential workers like seafarers who are often confined to working onboard ships for many months at a time. The ability to identify symptoms and extend appropriate support is crucial in supporting the mental health of our seafarers.

Shipboard Mental Health Workeshop Participants

Some 17 maritime professionals and seafarers participated in the inaugural Shipboard Mental Health Programme that focuses on Fundamental Counselling Skills at Wavelink Maritime Institute on 28 June 2021. The participants attending the session represented four SMOU CBA Companies of ASP Crew Management, Precious Shipping, Laurel Ship Management and Maersk Tankers.

Ms Preeti Dubey

Delivered by Ms Preeti Dubey, the one-day programme equipped participants with skills to identify symptoms when someone needs help, practice active listening skills, offer counselling advise, and managing vulnerability sensitively. These skills prepare participants with the fundamentals to attend to mental health issues onboard as “First Responders” to help seafarers battling mental health issues, until professional help is available.