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24 Jul 2019
1 min
Shop Till You Drop

Close to 45 SMOU members and families prepped themselves for a one-day shopping excursion to wholesale centres in Singapore.

On 19 January, the shopping ‘mission’ started early as members got all excited grabbing their nutty favourites, filling up on canned and packet drinks, loading themselves with imported fruits and vegetables for the festive season.

Seeing the satisfied faces of these bargain-hungers was priceless. SMOU members got more than they bargained for – a great day of bonding with family and friends.

I really enjoyed the whole day doing nothing but shopping, eating and meeting up with friends. This is a good way to stay active. I give it a thumbs up for the good value for money trip and for a fantastic lunch. – Lee Tang Chew, SMOU member of 30 years

This is my first time going around the warehouses buying all the goodies to prepare for Chinese New Year. I am well prepared!

– Miao Yi, SMOU member of 19 years