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04 Nov 2021
2 mins
Singapore Port Awarded Best Global Seaport for the First Time

The Singapore Port, for the first time, was awarded the “Best Global Seaport” at the 2021 Asia Freight, Logistics and Supply Chain Awards (AFLAS) on 21 October 2021. In addition, the Port of Singapore was also named the “Best Seaport in Asia” for the 33rd time.

Consul General Ong Siew Gay representing MPA receiving the award at AFLAS 2021. (Picture from: MPA website)

The award is presented after a long year in the pandemic where shipping and the global supply chains have been disrupted, and seafarers have continued to face challenges in crew change and vaccination. Despite the difficulties faced, maritime tripartite partners along with industry stakeholders have banded together to keep the Singapore Port operational during a time of crisis and unfavourable odds.

Ms Mary Liew, SMOU General Secretary said, “On behalf of SMOU, I would like to congratulate the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) on receiving this prestigious award. With the hard work of MPA Chief Executive, Sister Quah Ley Hoon and her team, Singapore was able to facilitate maritime operations at our port which was crucial to the global supply chains. Through the COVID-19 pandemic, SMOU has had many opportunities to work with our tripartite partners along with MPA to create better working conditions and welfare for our key maritime workers in the areas of job support, crew change and vaccination. Seafarers that visit the Singapore Port have been able to return to their home countries, while others have been able to sign on ships at our port to keep the global supply chain moving. We are glad to be able to collaborate with such decisive and strong partners in our maritime sector, and we look forward to further deepen our relationship even as we progress in our recovery from this crisis to emerge stronger.”

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