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15 Oct 2019
1 min
SMOU Annual Bowling Challenge 2019

The best bowlers were presented with their trophies and medals, the lucky ones received pleasant surprises at the lucky draw. All participants got a couple of happy hours of fun and bonding, together with a gift to bring home.

President of SMOU, Mr Rahim Jaffar rolled the first ball to a thunderous roar from the crowd.
A total of 21 teams competed, with the aim of getting the best score. In the heat of competition, they did not forget to have fun, and shared a tip or two on techniques with anyone candid enough to ask.
“Find move, bro!” Team members broke out in applause. There is always something to celebrate along the journey, in the process of getting to the destination.
The victorious bowlers celebrated their high scores and camaraderie.