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20 Sep 2022
2 mins
SMOU Brings National Day Cheer to Seafarers and Fishermen

For SMOU, National Day is incomplete without reaching out to sea workers to share the joy and festivities. On 10th and 18th August, SMOU took the time to visit three vessels docked at the Jurong Port and fisherman at the Jurong Fishery Port, respectively. The objective was to spread National Day cheer to seafarers and fishermen, by presenting some local fare and goodies of the season.

Firstly, partnering for the outreach to the Jurong Port was Mission to Seafarers Singapore (MTSS), where SMOU Assistant General Secretary, Mr Gwee Guo Duan, and other SMOU representatives were accompanied by MTSS Port Chaplain Mr Toh Soon Kok for the visit. SMOU brought care packs and food items such as Nasi Lemak, Ang Ku Kueh, and other local delicacies to the Jurong Port drop-in centre for seafarers to unwind and enjoy a taste of Singapore food.

Vessel: Prince Rupert
Vessel: Foxtrot
Vessel: Seren

A visit was also made to three vessels – Foxtrot, Prince Rupert, Seren – to deliver food items to the crew on board. The crew members were elated to welcome visitors, and pleasantly to have been given snacks to enjoy.

Separately on the following week, SMOU partnered the Migrant Workers Centre (MWC) and the International Lutheran Seafarers’ Mission Singapore (ILSS) to pay a visit to the Jurong Fishery Port. Accompanying SMOU representatives was MWC Assistant Director, Mr Nakulan, amongst other representatives from the MWC and the ILSS.

Ying Fa Hsiang No. 368 Crew

The crew working on board the fishing vessels make up a pool of workers responsible for bringing in some of the fresh supply of fish to Singapore. To show appreciation to this group of workers, care packs containing consumable items like instant coffee and biscuits were presented to the crew on board Ying Fa Hsiang No. 368 by SMOU. The crew was delighted to receive the goodies and to have visitors from SMOU swing by to acknowledge their hard work and contribution.

SMOU was glad to have celebrated on National Day two groups of maritime workers that, in their own way, play a part in the progress of our nation, and the daily lives of Singaporeans.