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20 Mar 2024
1 min
SMOU Spreads Lunar New Year Joy to Senior Members

During the festive Lunar New Year (LNY) season, SMOU extended its reach to its senior members who were not able to join in the SMOU LNY Luncheon due to age, health and mobility concerns.

SMOU could not be deterred from bringing the cheer of LNY to 13 senior members, aged between 69 years to 88 years.

Armed with a spirit of joy, SMOU officials – Ms Mary Liew, SMOU General Secretary; Mr Rahim, SMOU President; Dominic Yong, YSMOU Chairman; Tan Geh Ting, Assistant Treasurer and Ismail Ahamad, Assistant Treasurer, visited 13 homes of senior members during the period 15 to 20 February 2024.

SMOU senior members were presented with a lohei set, hongbao, essence of chicken and new year goodie bag containing mandarins and mint coins, symbolising togetherness and the promise of blessings for the year ahead.

At the heart of SMOU’s core value of ‘caring and sharing’, is the importance the union places towards fostering care and inclusiveness to all members of the community.