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20 Dec 2019
3 mins
TETA 4 Clears First Milestone with No One Left Behind

At the 4th TETA Graduation and 17th TNTA Investiture Ceremony, graced by Guest-of-Honour Capt Lim Swee Aun, Chairman, Singapore Maritime Employers Federation, the focus was on the six cadets from TETA Cohort 4 and also 12 cadets from TNTA Cohort 17.

TETA 4 Graduation

TETA cadets received their certificates to the applause of family members, distinguished guests from the maritime community, tripartite and shipping representatives.

It was also a special day for TNTA Cohort 17 cadets as they received epaulettes from their respective shipping employers. The TNTA cadets will then embark on a six-month pre-sea deck cadet training programme to attain their Certificate in Nautical Studies at Wavelink Maritime Institute (WMI).

TNTA 17 Investiture

In his welcome address, Capt Lee Sang Chiat, WMI General Manager, applauded the presence and support of SkillsFuture Singapore, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, SMOU, maritime companies, NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute, and family members of TMTA cadets. He highlighted that, “To date, we have more than 50 graduates holding at least a CoC Class 3. Among them is one CoC 2 and one CoC 1 holder. At the same time, we have more than 80 cadets undergoing Phase 3 of the programme, the last phase before they become certified as full-fledged officers. We look forward to training more cadets/officers in the near future.”

Since 20 August 2009, WMI has training 16 cohorts of 335 cadets, involving over 30 shipping companies which have offered the cadets shipboard placements, training allowances and long-term jobs.

When asked what were his thoughts having just graduated, Class President Na’im Rashid shared with excitement, “There’s a journey ahead I am so looking forward to. I know I will have to embark on a ship for my sea-training, complete my Phase 3 to attain my CoC 5. I am looking forward to meeting all these milestones in my journey with TETA.”

Among the notable award winners was Faris Aqil Abdul Razak who was named outstanding cadet. “I feel excited and anxious because I will be moving on to the sea-going phase. In the past eight months, one of the best moments was the BOSST Training at Batam with our peers.”

One of the most common questions people would ask cadets who sign up for the TNTA programme is – ‘Why do you want to join the seafaring industry?’ Cadet Teo Hui Ying of TNTA Cohort 17 admitted that – “I wanted a more unconventional and adventurous career. It excites me to know that I am able to travel to a lot of places. And now that I am in this course, I feel great! I feel like I’m officially part of the TNTA family!

Cadet Dominic Prasanth Josepth comes from a family of seafarers. He first heard about the TNTA programme through his father and brother. “I came to find out about the course through my father as he is a member of SMOU and also my brother, who was in TETA Cohort 3. He shared the prospects about the course and he got me hooked on sea life. I feel great knowing that there is a future in the maritime industry!”