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21 Aug 2019
3 mins
The First Ever Chennai CadetsPlus and Chennai Nite

At his opening speech, SMOU President, Mr Rahim Bin Jaffar, welcomed them all and pointed to the Day of the Seafarers to be commemorated on 25 June.

During the dinner, the audience were captivated by the energetic dance performance by a group of cadets. Chennai Nite rose from one high point to another, culminating in a Lucky Draw for the members and cadets.

A sumptuous buffet dinner and drinks, and good entertainment provided by a live band created the perfect setting for guests to mingle. Featured alongside the hotel fare were local delights like bakwa, pineapple tarts and satay with peanut sauce. What a delightful way to catalyse cross-cultural exchanges!

As the curtain came down, guests took home their own memories of Chennai Nite. For members, they left feeling better assured of the union’s presence; Chennai Nite gave a ‘face’ to the union and the community that makes SMOU a fmaily.

For SMOU, it was a channel to share the fruits of success with members and, with engagements and exchanges that had occurred, a conduit of possibilities to do more and impact a larger membership.

Now that SMOU has broken ground with the first Chennai Nite, some might wonder if there will be a next time. To that, Mr P.A. Khan of The Maritime Union of India (Chennai Branch Office) had this to say: “The event is well organised. You’ve done well in this first event and I know you will go further.”

“People in our trade come from various countries and cultures. I’m out a sea 8-10 months a year, hence unable to meet many people in one place. I give a thumbs-up to Chennai Nite for bringing people together. And dinner was very good! ”

– Avind, Maersk employee and SMOU member


“The opening dance was fantastic and the Lucky Draw was fun. I learnt a lot about Wavelink and SMOU from the video. It’s nice to know about the CadetsPlus Programme too. ”

– Prabhu, Maersk employee and SMOU member


“The performance by the cadets was really good! It has been encouraging to hear cadets recount what they had gained from the CadetsPlus Programme – picking up and applying soft skills and cross-cultural awareness in real settings. ”

– Capt Saurabh Mahesh, Head of Crew and Sourcing & Cadet Administration, Marine HR, AP Moller (Maersk Line)


“There is a great deal of cultural diversity within India. Seeing this happening right here in Chennai Nite reminds us the importance of human elements – they are here to stay, no matter how much automation we have today. These kinds of events must happen more often. ”

– Capt Kaushik Bhatnagar, Manager – PMA, Pacific International Line