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18 Jun 2024
2 mins
The Way to a Good Will

Back by popular demand, the reprisal of the SMOU Will Writing Workshop was held once again at SingPost on 20 April.

The Will Writing Workshop saw 32 participants become aware of the importance of having a will.

The workshop speaker, Mr Patrick Chang, Founding Director of Simply Wills Pte Ltd & Advance Planning Pte Ltd, shared about the essentials of will writing, highlighted the rules and regulations and provided useful tips and tricks when making a will. He also dispelled common misconceptions about a will and the lasting power of attorney (LPA).

Among the common misconceptions, workshop attendees learnt when it is advisable to engage the services of a wills lawyer. They discovered that it is an affordable process, and not as costly as one may think.

Participants learnt that there is a need to write a separate will in the countries they have significant assets in and to exclude CPF in their will. An important tip to know is to inform people about the existence of their will and where their will is kept.

The speaker also explained how someone’s assets will be distributed, if they did not have a will, and pointed out the Rules of Distribution. Attendees were made aware of the need to prepare a will.

At a lively Q&A segment of the workshop, members were engaged as they asked questions such as, ‘Can there be a second executor aside from the spouse? Can a donee make changes to a will? Does a will need to be registered in Singapore?’ and many more.

At the end of the workshop, discount vouchers were distributed to all the participants.

The SMOU Will Writing Workshop provided a way to craft a good will.