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24 Jul 2019
2 mins
Virtual World Lessons for the Real World

Blending the escape room concept with a full 3D cinematic experience to deliver a unique, immersive and mind-blowing adventure, Virtual Room offered the ultimate team-based virtual reality (VR) experience to some 25 TMTA cadets and Young SMOU (YSMOU) officials on 22 February.

In a race against time, each 3-4 member team had to complete a mission to save the world. Using VR goggles and in-game microphones, team mates could see each other as avatars. Team members had to talk to each other, walk around, bend, throw objects and collaborate together to solve puzzles and challenges.

While the players ventured into the science fiction virtual world, there was no place for side-liners. All team member shad to play their part and engage, which emphasised the need for strong communication amongst crew members in the real shipping world. A TNTA cadet said of the VR game, “I’ve gained a new experience trying out something that one doesn’t get to do everyday.” The virtual experience brought out valuable lessons for the real world, such as communication, collaboration and mutual support. A deeper bond was forged between TMTA cadets and YSMOU officials.


“Fun moments was when we had no idea what to do at first, and we were all clueless as to what to do next. However, once we understood how to play the game, it felt good especially when we were able to accomplish a mission as a team.”

– Megat Khairul Hazwan, Cadet from TNTA Cohort 16


“I was able to improve in my communication skills. Despite each team member having different strengths and weaknesses, we learnt to help each other find a common goal, which was to complete the mission as a team.”

– Budi Harianto, Cadet from TETA Cohort 4