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26 May 2023
3 mins
YoungNTUC Workplan Seminar

To brainstorm and build consensus from union youth leaders, Young NTUC (YNTUC) hosted a Workplan Seminar from 11 – 14 March at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to provide a platform for the participating youth leaders to learn how unions, businesses, and industries have evolved through a series of learning journeys.

Young SMOU (YSMOU) Chairman Brother Dominic Yong and Brother Farhan Fadillah, joined the Young NTUC 9th Term Committee members for the seminar. The seminar posed as a platform for the leaders to come to an agreement and discuss on YNTUC projects for the year ahead and have the opportunity to learn how unions, businesses, and industries have evolved in the region. 

To inspire and encourage the leaders to think about the gaps that the younger generation of workers may face, colleagues from NTUC’s Membership Services Division, NTUC Club were invited to provide insights and share offerings that target and benefit the youths. Leaders from different sectors and industries formed groups to discuss on increased relevancy and participation of their Youth Chapters in the Labour Movement.

Part of the Learning Journey included a visit to Co.op Xtra Hypermart, a joint venture between NTUC Fairprice and Saigon Co.op, having 5 stores in Vietnam, participants learnt more about the collaboration between the 2 organisations and were able to meet fellow Singaporeans who are based in Vietnam for work.

Through the conversations exchanged, leaders learnt about their challenges, the importance of supply chain network, the benefits of the partnership, and also the Vietnamese Union structure. Rounding up the holistic workplan seminar, the participants were grouped to compete against each other in an amazing race which required teams to navigate themselves in the streets of Ho Chi Minh City.

 “Through the seminar, I have gained a better understanding of the working life in Vietnam. It is heartening to know that the young union leaders are keen to collaborate and are capable people who will steadfastly represent Singapore’s youth and the community’s well-being. The workplan seminar showed me how our union is making every effort to contribute back to society, whilst training the youths of tomorrow.”

– Farhan Fadillah


“This workplan had enabled me to have a better grasp of the gaps that Young NTUC is working on for the youths. From this experience, I’ve learnt more about the supply chain network and gained a newfound appreciation to not take tripartism for granted.”

– Dominic Yong

From the seminar, the young leaders were expected to bring these learning points back and share the insights with their fellow workers, to better prepare and equip them for the future economy.