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10 Nov 2022
2 mins
Youth forging friendships through VR Teambuilding

Tapping on a Virtual Reality (VR) experience, Young SMOU (YSMOU) team brought along a group of youth members on a virtual escape challenge on 7 October. The virtual immersive experience brought together the players to collaborate in fulfilling the mission, which fostered the importance of teamwork, communication and critical thinking.

Geared with VR goggles and equipped with controllers, members were in groups of four and represented by a virtual avatar. Throughout the course of the game, team members had to play their part and work together to solve puzzles and help each other clear the respective stages. Taking the collaborative learning into the real world, it is also imperative that seafarers are able to work well together and communicate with other crew members to ensure that tasks are completed well and in a safe manner.

At the end of the game, YSMOU Chairman, Brother Dominic presented a gift to the winning team that took the shortest amount of time to escape the pyramid.

Through the physical event, the youths were able to catch up with one another, and strengthening the bonds with their peers. It was a good platform for them to expand their network where seafarers are able to support one another in the course of their journey.

“Through this VR activity, I saw the opportunity to network with other people in the maritime industry as well as to catch up with my friends. The game allows me to interact with new peers, and I felt that it was a great icebreaker. Thank you Young SMOU for organising this event!” said Emir Bin Yusri, SMOU member of 4 years.

Huang Jingshun, a newly joined SMOU member shared

“Even though this is my first time at a Young SMOU event, I had a great time interacting with other members while enjoying the VR game. The session was good and fruitful as I made a lot of new friends and caught up with fellow seafarers. Looking forward to more of such events being organised in future.”