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18 Mar 2022
2 mins
Youth Members Break a Sweat with Cardio Kickboxing

Engaging in cardiovascular exercises has been known to produce many health benefits other than weight loss. This includes improved sleep, better mental health, a stronger immune system, and the list goes on.

To promote keeping a healthy lifestyle, Young SMOU (YSMOU) conducted a cardio kickboxing session on 24 February for a group of members to participate in from home. The workout was joined by seafarers who are back on shore leave, members serving quarantine overseas or stay home notice in Singapore and those working from home. It was conducted online to keep everyone safe, while being able to sweat it out in the company of fellow members.

Participants joined in the exercise in front of their cameras, with an energetic instructor demonstrating martial arts techniques with fast-paced cardio moves, while encouraging them to persevere throughout the workout. The exercise enables the members to build stamina and improve on coordination. The group could be seen moving around their virtual windows, with beads of perspiration dripping from their faces indicating a great session.

“The event got everyone’s hearts pumping and was nicely paced for beginners. The instructor was bubbly and this helped hype everyone up. I signed up for this event while I was in quarantine and realised that it’s hard to stay active while confined in a small room. The event provided me with an opportunity to try something new that encourages a healthy lifestyle”, said Hanisah Angelina Valberg, Chief Officer & YSMOU Member.

The enthusiasm and energy displayed by the participants were applaudable. Everyone fully enjoyed the workout and the intensity level was just right for those who are beginners.

YSMOU continues to look out for opportunities to engage and connect youth members with a variety of  meaningful and enriching activities. Do look forward to more sessions!

“Absolutely fantastic event! Totally loved the kickboxing event as I love to work out. I felt so refreshed after the session. I noticed that everyone around me are seeking ways to stay healthy, but can’t seem to find the motivation to do so. I believe this event is the key to kickstart a healthful lifestyle and I look forward to join more of such activities.” – Monirul Hoque, 2nd Officer, YSMOU Member