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07 Oct 2022
2 mins
A Maersk Family Experience at Wavelink Maritime Institute

Spending a day with your loved ones at work and learning about what they do was very much part of the theme of the Maersk Campus Singapore Open House on 9th September 2022.

Some 60 spouses, children and loved ones of Maersk employees were given an opportunity to spend a day at the Maersk Campus Singapore to learn about the Company’s heritage, the business, and their significant role in the Maritime industry both internationally and locally.

They were also given the opportunity to experience what it was like to sail onboard a ship with an afternoon excursion to Wavelink Maritime Institute (WMI), where they went on a short voyage in Singapore’s busy straits and the harsh weather conditions that seafarers experience out in the open oceans.

Led by WMI Academic Head Capt Lee Sang Chiat in the Bridge Simulators, the young ones appreciated the excitement of the shipboard experience. They also took the opportunity to quell their curiosity with a series of well-thought questions that Capt Lee obligingly explained by sharing his experience as a former Maersk Captain himself.

The experience by Maersk at WMI, offers a better appreciation of the maritime industry and is hopefully a catalyst for more youths to pursue dynamic maritime careers.