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04 Jul 2022
1 min
SMOU Members Soar to New Heights of Learning at Drone Workshop

On 14th May, SMOU organised an aerial drone photography workshop at Nanyang Polytechnic for SMOU members to encourage them to learn drone-flying techniques and capture aerial photographs. Close to 15 members attended this workshop.

As drone-flying in Singapore requires users to abide by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) Unmanned Aircraft (UA) regulations and safety guidelines, members were briefed on the aforementioned at the start of the course. The workshop also taught members the basics of operating a drone safely within local restrictions. Appropriate techniques and settings required for shooting aerial photography were also covered with the members as part of the workshop.

After picking up the fundamentals of flying a drone in theory, the members headed down to Bishan Park to practise flying the drones themselves. Members were seen having fun and chatting with one another as they learnt to manoeuvre their drones and take pictures.