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19 Mar 2021
2 mins
Bringing the Lunar New Year Festivities to Members’ Homes

With the ongoing pandemic, SMOU continued the Caring and Sharing spirit and kept the tradition by visiting SMOU senior members during Lunar New Year

SMOU officials President Mr Rahim Jaffar, General Secretary Ms Mary Liew, Assistant General Secretary Mr Gwee Guo Duan, Treasurer Mr Yong Soon Huat, Assistant Treasurer Mr Tan Geh Ting and other Executive Committee members visited homes of senior members, bringing them joy, warmth and encouragement and sharing with them the upcoming SMOU 70th Anniversary happenings.

Apart from the traditional Lou Hei, members were delighted to receive festive goodies, and Hong Bao presented by SMOU officials. In celebration of SMOU’s 70th Anniversary, seniors were also presented a surprise “Gift For You” containing $70 worth of vouchers. 

“I feel very glad that SMOU came to visit me this year with so many gifts. I enjoy the Lunar New Year festivities and I hope to continue joining SMOU’s Lunar New Year programmes every year with my wife.” – Pang Chin Tong (left), SMOU member of 39 years

“My most memorable moment with SMOU was about 4 to 5 years ago when a few of us seafarers were retrenched. I approached SMOU for help and the union represented us and managed to get compensation of two to three months of salary. On your 70th Anniversary, I would like to encourage SMOU to continue to work hard to help our members!” – Tim Hiok Ling (second from left), SMOU member of 33 years