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27 Aug 2021
3 mins
Celebrating National Day with My First Skool Jalan Sultan Centre
Celebrating National Day with My First Skool

On 6 August, Young SMOU (YSMOU) in collaboration with Young NTUC’s U Heart project initiative, organised a National day celebration for My First Skool (MFS) Jalan Sultan Centre, SMOU’s adopted childcare and pre-school centre. As YSMOU was unable to visit the school and take part in activity together due to COVID-19 measures, the team initiated a virtual event to uplift the spirits of the children and teachers at MFS. YSMOU has been keeping up in its efforts during this period to engage with the community, such as low-income families and the elderly.

A total of 40 kindergarten students participated in the Merlion painting workshop together with several YSMOU volunteers. The activity piqued the children’s curiosity and brought joy to them as they unleashed their creativity. During the session, the volunteers also had opportunities to interact with the children and teachers whilst sharing their painting progress.

“I enjoy painting the Merlion. I like to paint. I use many different colours to paint the Merlion. I mix blue and red to make purple, red and white to make pink. I like the pencils and books in goodie bag, they are so nice”. 

– Yuen Yun Zhi Sonia, My First Skool Student

 “I like painting the Merlion because it’s fun. I paint the Merlion red and brown. My favourite items are the book, colour pencils, and clapper.” 

– Adam Bin Faisall, My First Skool Student

To show appreciation to the MFS teachers and staff for their commitment and perseverance especially during the pandemic, a care pack and bento lunch box were gifted to them as well.  

Around 85 kindergarten and nursery children received a care bag from SMOU, compromising of personal care items and some gifts. YSMOU hopes that they are able to bring some positivity and encouragement to the children and teachers through this initiative. 

The event concluded with the volunteers leading a National day song, “We will get there”, as a way of cheering and boosting morale. The event ended on a high note, with the children and staff having enjoyed the session, and volunteers taking home the fulfilling experience of ‘Caring & Sharing’.

“I’ll play my part, I will share. With family and friends, together we’ll stand and in the end, hand in hand. We will get there.” – NDP 2002 Song Lyrics, We Will Get There.

SMOU believes that Together, we can emerge stronger!

“It is Singapore’s Birthday and historic and memorable celebrations await for everyone as it is unusual to postpone an NDP event to 21st August. Despite all the challenges, SMOU has created opportunities for JSC children and staff to come united and enjoy a virtual painting workshop to celebrate the nation’s 56th birthday by painting an iconic Merlion. Thank you SMOU for this continuous support and encouragement during these tough times.” 

Shanthi Muthukrishnan, My First Skool Jalan Sultan Centre Principal

“The event was well organised and exciting. It was a good learning experience for the kids in school as well as for my daughter to explore in painting, colour mixing and getting to know that Merlion is an iconic symbol for Singapore. Thank you for organising this event, where it gives me the opportunity to participate with my child and to bond with her.”

Mohammed Zainuddin, YSMOU Volunteer

 “Together with My First Skool, we managed to unleash our creativity through painting of the Merlion statue. I’m happy to be part of this meaningful and fun session! Hope that the children enjoyed as much as we do.”

Alsyifa Huthami, YSMOU Volunteer