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13 Mar 2024
2 mins
Closing the Year with SMOU Family Fun, Fest and Feast

As 2023 draws to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on our journey as a family over the past year, and a greater reason to celebrate with loved ones at the SMOU Family Connection Year End Celebration.

Held at the Raffles City Convention Centre on 9 December 2023, the annual family connection saw a total of 400 SMOU members and their families turn up for an evening of family fun, fest and feast.

As early as 6pm, many SMOU families had arrived, dressed to impress with their festive attire. Members were excited to claw for prizes at the claw machines displayed at the pre-event space.

Getting everyone into the festive mood, the emcee kickstarted the evening with ice breaking games. Thereafter, SMOU members and their families were lavished with a buffet spread. As members feasted around the table, music from Singapore Swing 3 piece band filled the atmosphere. Members were seen enjoying each other’s company.

More entertainment and crowd-pleasing games continued in the programme. Among the highlights was the Best Dressed family segment, which saw 5 families picked for wearing the most festive-looking garb.   

A bubble show with bubbleologist, CJ the bubble girl simply ‘blew’ members away with her entertaining work and play with bubbles of all sizes and shapes. What a show stopper.

The family connection climaxed with a lucky draw where the top prize was a hotel stay. Congratulations to the winners. Closing the year with a big bang and looking forward to greater family connections in the year ahead.