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14 Dec 2022
2 mins
Crafting Leather at the Youth Experiential Workshop

In the second installation of the Youth Experiential, Young SMOU (YSMOU) organised a leather crafting workshop on 18 November which was attended by close to 20 youth members. During the workshop, the youth were able to learn more about the different types of leather, and even had a hands-on experience of creating 3 different leather products – coin pouch, card holder and keychain.

Leather crafting is not as easy as it seems. A lot of patience and focus was required, as one had to meticulously trace the leather, cut, and trim it according to the lines. Afterwhich, they added their very own personal touch to their products by embossing their names or designs on it. Some of the youths even took the chance to create a piece for their loved ones.

While creating the pieces, the participants also engaged with one another, while a few who were attending the YSMOU event for the first time, had the opportunity to meet other young seafarers alike. After the workshop, the youths continued to catch up with one another over the dinner.

It was an enjoyable and productive workshop, and YSMOU members were able to learn a new skill as well as expand their network with other seafarers.


“I joined the Tripartite Nautical Training Award programme back in 2017, and decided to become a SMOU member. I always look forward to SMOU events because of how enjoyable and interactive they are. The workshops and events provide a good space for me to network and know more people, as well as become closer with other seafarers.”

Nafiz Bin Khairul Anwar, SMOU member of 5 years

“This is my first event, and I was referred to by a friend. Everyone was very welcoming towards me and their friendly faces helped break the ice. The workshop was interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed the process of making a product from scratch. It was not as easy as I imagined, and I will definitely appreciate my leather products a lot more now!”

Lee Hao Yang, newly joined SMOU member