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14 Jan 2021
2 mins
Engine Cadets Making Meaningful Connections

On 15 December 2020, Young SMOU (YSMOU) organised a networking session for a group of cadets from the Tripartite Engineering Training Award (TETA) Cohort 3 and 5.

The networking session served as a platform for the newly graduated engine cadets to gain a deeper insight and learn what is expected before they embark on their 15 months of sea-time training. Cadet Gerald Joseph and Siti Nellisa from TETA Cohort 3, who were about to embark on their Certificate of Competency Class 5 Preparatory Course, shared their personal experiences with the cadets from TETA Cohort 5.

Gerald talked about challenges that he faced while working onboard the vessel. Despite the challenges faced, he gained memorable experiences and was glad to be able to meet people from all walks of life. He also emphasised the importance of teamwork while sailing as most of the jobs on board would require cooperation amongst the seafarers.

On the other hand, Nellisa shared some photos and short clips of her daily life working onboard a ship. Through the pictures, cadets got a preview of what they will be expecting when working onboard vessels. Nellisa also highlighted that “while perseverance is critical when pursuing this career path, always prioritise safety, physical and mental health while sailing.”

The session concluded with an open discussion where cadets from TETA 5 raised questions regarding sailing and TETA senior cadets providing useful tips and advice to them. Through this networking session, cadets from TETA Cohort 5 gained better insights of life onboard and are more prepared than ever to embark on their exciting journey for the next 15 months.