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12 Apr 2022
2 mins
Visiting Ships with Chinese New Year Gifts and Cheer

SMOU is committed to their seafarers and dedicated some time across February and March to visit CBA vessels.

Maersk Laguna
MV Hupeh

SMOU brought gifts and Chinese New Year goodies to the crew as many were still unable to go on shore leave with policies still leaning on the safer side. Practicing safe distancing, the gift bags were placed at the entrance of the gangway, and the crew were signaled to receive the gift bags.

SMOU visited CBA vessels Maersk Laguna, Maersk Conakry, Cezanne, Wan Hai 288, Maersk Kentucky, APL Boston and MV Hupeh. MV Hupeh, manned by Ukranian crew members, was a special visit for SMOU with the ongoing situation back in their home country. As a way of letting the Ukrainian crew members onboard know that the company and Union are here for them, SMOU packed and presented gift packs to them. With the help of MTSS, SMOU was able to bring meals prepared by Lighthouse Bistro and gifts to the crew members on board.

SMOU would like to thank the seafarers for their commitment and professionalism in keeping the shipping route going and keeping the supply chain moving. Last but not least, SMOU would like to wish all seafarers around the world a very Happy Chinese New Year!