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10 Jul 2024
1 min
Honouring Fathers at SMOU Members’ Saturday Special

Father’s Day is a special occasion to celebrate the wonderful dads in our lives. For SMOU, it’s a time to show appreciation for all the love, support, and wisdom of fathers of SMOU.

On 15 June 2024, Members’ Saturday Special – Father’s Day was celebrated for SMOU members at the Lighthouse Bistro.

Over 25 SMOU members and their family members were in high spirits as they took the opportunity to honour the importance that a father plays as a protector of the family.

The fathers were treated to a sumptuous grilled meal platter, pasta and free flow salad. As members were dining together, the fathers were feeling all the love and appreciation. Nothing quite captured the essence of the gratitude through heartfelt messages.

Adding to the celebration, the fathers were presented with a Father’s Day gift of personalised water flask, and were given a chance to win lucky draw prizes. Cheers all around when the lucky fathers picked up their prizes. It was a night that every father felt like a hero.

SMOU wishes all fathers a Happy Father's Day!