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02 Feb 2023
3 mins
Inaugural SailMAP awardees at the Singapore Registry of Ships Forum 2022

Launched in May 2022, the Sail Milestone Achievement Programme (SailMAP) is a tripartite initiative by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA), NTUC’s employment and employability institute (e2i), Singapore Shipping Association (SSA), SMOU, and the Singapore Organisation of Seamen (SOS) to provide monetary incentives of up to $50,000 to seafarers as they attain their seafaring training milestones.

On 17 November, at the Singapore Registry of Ships (SRS) Forum 2022, an inaugural batch of 21 seafarers were awarded incentives amounting some $126,000. Present at the annual forum were more than 350 participants comprising industry players such as ship owners, managers, operators, and classification societies.

In his opening address, MPA’s newly minted Chief Executive Mr Teo Eng Dih spoke on the need for collaboration to address the challenges of decarbonisation and digitalisation in the Maritime sector. The tackling of decarbonisation and digitalisation will require new specialised skillsets to be developed, and Mr Teo said that the SailMAP programme will be able to incentivise seafarers to upskill themselves and stay relevant for the opportunities that will emerge in the future.

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Amongst the 21 recipients of the SailMAP award, one-third were trained from the Tripartite Maritime Training Awards (TMTA) programmes. SMOU is proud of the seafarers that have seized the opportunity at a seafaring career, and have stuck through the journey to attain their well-deserved SailMAP award. Seafarers who continue to pursue higher levels of Certifications of Competency (CoC) will be able to enjoy examination fee waivers, preparatory course allowances, and lumpsum incentives for attainment of higher classes of CoC.

3rd Officer Navendran, who graduated from the TNTA 12th cohort was one of the recipients of the SailMAP for attending the CoC2 preparation course. The award provides him with a monthly allowance as he prepares himself to complete his CoC Class 2 courses and examination. He said that the award has given financial help, which has encouraged him to push further, and encourages fellow officers taking their CoC2/1 to persevere through, saying “the reward is at the end when you are a senior officer, it will be worth it.”

Another recipient of the award was 2nd Officer Nur Farhana Omar. She achieved the SailMAP award by attaining her CoC Class 1, and she told SeaVoices that “this is a good initiative to encourage more Singaporeans to take up seafaring and continue in their career.” She cheekily remarked that she wished this was available to her when she was a cadet. “Attaining the highest level of COC was one of my life achievements,” said Nur Farhana, and she spurred fellow seafarers on to attain their highest level of COC while enjoying the incentives from the SailMAP programme.

The vibrant maritime industry in Singapore holds many opportunities for Singaporeans, and the SailMAP initiative is a great way to encourage locals to press on in their seafaring career to attain their goals. SMOU continues to work closely with tripartite partners to support the Singapore core, and value-add to the maritime community.