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07 Jun 2024
2 mins
ITF Young Transport Workers Committee Meeting Buildup Towards ITF Congress 2024

Momentum builds up for young transport workers, following the success of last year’s ITF Youth Conference in Mumbai, India in October. The ITF Young Transport Workers (YTW) Committee gathered for the ITF YTW Committee Meeting in Trieste, Italy from 20 to 21 March to deliberate and prepare for the upcoming 46th ITF Congress that will take place in Marrakech, Morocco.

Young SMOU Chairman, Brother Dominic, who is also a member of the ITF YTW Committee, joined unionists from different transport industries and the secretariat team to discuss the plans and agenda for the Youth Conference which will take place during the Congress. Since the Singapore ITF Congress 2018, there has been a greater emphasis on the creation of youth structures among ITF affiliated unions. On building youth structures, Brother Dominic shared insights and ideas on how to strengthen youth structures. The contribution of insights were possible because of his active involvement in Young SMOU, which was established since 2005.

In addition to the topic of building youth structures, the committee split into workshops and discussed about the 2024 ITF Congress Theme Document. Tabled for discussions were demands such as Rights for Transport Workers; Equality for Transport Workers; Shaping the Future of Work; Accountability in Global Supply Chains; Making Transport Sustainable and the Safety and Health for Transport Workers. The ITF YTW Committee also resolved to achieve the strengthening of youth structures and its strategies from these demands.

The two-day ITF YTW Committee Meeting concluded with a sharing by young unionists from Federazione Italiana Lavoratori Transporti – CGIL. The youth chapter consisting of young railway workers shared about the challenges they faced since their establishment in the summer of 2023. However, with the support of their union, the youth structure was able to grow in membership numbers across several cities in Italy, and further highlight the importance of unionism amongst the youth.