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16 Jun 2023
2 mins
May Day Celebration with Seafarers at Jurong Port

A buzz of excitement filled Jurong Port on 4 May 2023.

SMOU and the Mission to Seafarers Singapore (MTSS) banded together to celebrate Labour Day with seafarers at the Jurong MTSS drop-in centre as well as vessels docked at the port.

The May Day celebration at the drop-in centre saw SMOU President Mr Rahim Jaffar recognising the hard work of seafarers worldwide as they perform their vital work which is fundamental to global economy. He said, “We acknowledge that you, our seafarers, have to embrace change and maintain a positive attitude when situations like the pandemic were out of your control, and we came here today to show our appreciation for your hard work and thank you for your resilience.”

A spread of local delights such as nasi kunyit (yellow rice), rendang chicken, garlic prawns, fried chicken, and an assortment of doughnuts and popcorn, awaited the seafarers. Aside from food, each seafarer was gifted with an Oto Back Soother and Starhub data SIM card, which proved to be a hit. Seafarers at the centre immediately registered for their complimentary data SIM cards.

The May Day celebration was a great time of respite, rest, recreation and reconnection as SMOU officials touched base with seafarers, listened to their concerns, shared stories, exchanged encouraging words and joined them in a round of pool.

SMOU and MTSS officials and staff also visited vessels that were docked at the port – MV Iriana and Yuan Tai No. 806, bringing food to crew members that were not able to join in the May Day celebration at the drop-in centre. The ship visits afforded opportunity for SMOU to check in with the crew members on board, to ask about their well-being and to inform them to pickup gifts that had been prepared for them at the centre.

It could be said that no one missed out on the celebration to honour seafarers at Jurong Port. Happy Labour Day!

Feeling appreciated…

 “This distribution was a surprise for us. We are very happy with what SMOU has done for us from then until today. The food that SMOU prepared is very special, as this is not something we get to eat everyday.” – Victor, Master, MV Iriana

“I’m so happy that SMOU came here today. The Union has always supported our career and achievements, and I could not be more appreciative. Thank you SMOU!” – Nana, Chief Engineer, MV Iriana