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23 Jun 2021
2 mins
Members Learn how to Keep Safe and Stay Vigilant Online

The COVID-19 situation saw a rise of reported online scam cases in Singapore, with criminals moving their illegal activities online and developing new tactics to target potential victims. To equip members on how to keep safe and to spot online scams, SMOU organised a Crime Prevention Workshop for more than 20 participants on 15 June 2021 via Zoom.

Conducted by Mr Chong Teng Kok from the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC), participants learnt how to identify online scams; from online e-commerce scams, to impersonation scams, love scam and loan scams. Participants were also equipped with useful resources such as ‘Anti-scam hotline’ and ScamShield mobile application, which will help identify and filter out scam messages and block calls from phone numbers that were used in other scam cases.

SMOU member of 21 years, Mr Henry Tin Ko Bik found the Crime Prevention Workshop insightful and said “it inspires me to be an advocate on how to prevent online scams for my family and friends”. The workshop concluded with a lively Q&A session and participants all gained confidence in staying safe and vigilant online.

For more information and resources on crime prevention:-

  1. ScamShield (only available in the Apple Play Store for iPhone users)

Step by step guide to downloading ScamShield:

ScamShield website:

  1. Scam Alert & Anti-Scam Hotline


  1. Credit Card Company Hotline

Step by step on how to report your lost or stolen credit cards